As if I didn’t have enough to read, here are a few more blogs that I’ve been looking at lately.

Darren Naish: Tetrapod Zoology – Incredibly fascinating science stuff.

Yours in a White Wine Sauce – Military History that never was.

Too many IdeasSFSFW stalwart Mark Caldwell’s computer art, writing and other stuff.

ThePickards – some northern bloke who’s related to some other northern bloke that I work with. Web accesssibilty and football rants.

The Flogging Will Continue – Daniel James, aka Captain Cleaver, the head of Three Rings on MMORPGs and the future of entertainment.


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  1. Paul says:

    Steve – love the site! I have big a very big game hunter for awhile now and love taking the kids for an expedition into the Lost Valley!

    I’ll be adding some Dino Hunting articles to my blog “Yours in A White Wine Sauce” which I see you have here (many thanks!). Now I’m back from obroad I’ll be back into my gaming and VSF in a big way.

    best wishes and Tally-ho!
    Yours in A White Wine Sauce,