So at the risk of turning into an old NewsBiscuit story I’ve been sorting out the box, and the carrier bag next to the box, full of “computer bits”. I think there may be some more elsewhere in the flat as well.

(Some are things I haven’t seen in a long time so I’ve been dragging names of some of these cables and connectors from the depths of my memory/Wikipedia)

  • 1 AC adaptor for a scanner I threw out five years ago
  • 1 unidentified AC adaptor (Canon, I don’t recall owning anything made by Canon that would need an adaptor)
  • 2 kettle leads
  • 1 keyboard with USB cable (would be okay if I hadn’t spilt olive oil on it this one time…)
  • 1 keyboard with PS/2 cable
  • 1 AT-PS/2 adaptor
  • 1 AT cable
  • 2 mice with PS/2 connectors
  • 1 mouse with 9 pin connector
  • 1 PS/2 to USB connector
  • 1 USB to mini-USB cable
  • 1 9 pin serial cable
  • 1 parallel switchbox cable
  • 1 parallel printer cable
  • 1 5m Cat 5 cable
  • 2 RJ11-phone cables
  • 1 RJ11-RJ11 cable
  • 1 RJ11 to phone connector
  • 3 micro filters
  • 2 sets of rubbish mini-speakers
  • 1 mini-TRS to RCA cable
  • 1 mini-TRS to mini-TRS cable
  • 3 chargers for mobile phones we no longer own

Oh, and a 14″ Philips CRT monitor, hardly used. I suppose one of the kettle leads belongs to this.

I think I’ll be keeping 1 spare mouse, 1 emergency Internet connection kit, anything with a USB connector and the kettle leads, and ditching the rest. Now, which types of things am I not supposed to just chuck in the rubbish?

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