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Brand Passion Pyramid” from the people who previously brought us “Content Tsunami” and “Market Speed”.

Good product, good people, good advice, dreadful (but memorable) neologisms.

Early on during this evening’s episode of CSI
“If he turns our to have been killed by a tortoise dropped by a bird of prey I’ll scream.”

After this evening’s episode of CSI
“You didn’t scream, you laughed.”
“I hooted.”

But kudos to the scriptwriter for getting the line at the end about probability right.

And someone needs to find Charisma Carpenter a decent part.


The death of trade unionist Jack Jones a couple of weeks back means that a third of the way through the year Paul has two-nil lead over everyone else in our Deadpool game.

Renegade Legion Centurion game, via eBay @ £10.50

Total £10.50

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