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Robot Zoo

Plasticine Garden

I spent this afternoon giving, one of my oldest websites, a makeover from this to this.

I decided to use WordPress and to lightly modify an existing theme rather than create my own. I still have a lot of content to migrate but so far the results are looking good. What do you think?

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Nicholas Grace used to boast that he was the only Sheriff of Nottingham who ever killed Robin Hood. Keith Allen and Lara Pulver can now argue over whether they can join him in that claim.

Do you think the casting director told Clive Standen “basically, you’re Jason Connery”? (Not, ahem, Jason Donovan as I accidentlly said to during tonight’s episode.) Though as a 4th series looks unlikely, I guess he’s dodged that fate.

Wasn’t Tuck incredibly active for someone who had an arrow in his shoulder at the end of last week’s episode?

They shouted “loose” rather than “fire”. Possibly the first historically accurate thing in the entire series (to the best of my knowledge people didn’t shout “fire” until after firearms were in use).

Today was the 10th anniversary of my first date with Lettice. Back in 1999 we went to see The Matrix in Streatham. Today we had an adventure to celebrate.

Robot Grasshopper from the Robot Zoo

First up was the Robot Zoo at the Horniman Museum. Did you know that it took three people to drive a chameleon?

Then we did a bit of shopping. Lettice bought beads and I bought Doctor Who books.(About Time 3 2nd edition is 500 pages long and has an end note about the Chuckle Brothers, how can you not want it?)

If you missed James May’s plasticine garden at Chelsea you can now see it at the Royal Festival Hall.

Then we went on the London Eye. Yes, we live in London. Yes, we work in London tourism. Yes, it’s been open for nine years. No, we hadn’t been on it before.

Then there was yarn shopping. Followed by Yo! Sushi (between you and me, the County Hall branch is always nice and quiet in the evenings and only a short walk from the heaving, 45 minute wait to be seated, restaurants along the Southbank).

Anyway, I’ll do a proper image post either tomorrow or on Monday, in the meantime there are pictures on Flickr.

Via Tom comes this great video for the Denver Museum of Nature & Science.

  • Kitchen more or less clean following explosion caused by my own stupidity. Dinner rescued and safely in the oven. #fb #
  • That was nearly the most incredible comeback. #lions #
  • Watching the #Lions match on a (presumably naughty) low quailty web feed. Low quality being appropriate for the performance as well… #fb #
  • 7 out of my last 10 blog posts were basically lists. Am I becoming incapable of thinking other than in bullet points? #fb #
  • Twitition: Release Adam Ant's 1991 Unreleased LP Persuasion – Now! @antpeople #
  • ah, moving 13:30 meeting to 17:00 was a solution, just not an ideal one #
  • "Proper" work. Meetings. Lunch. Queueing in the Post Office. One of these isn't going to fit. #fb #
  • Just discovered – social networking for beer drinkers. #
  • Wet. Soaking. Drenched. :-( #fb #
  • My blog may look the same as it did yesterday but under the hood it's all shiny and new and yummy. #fb #
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I wonder if the staff in my local library think I have trashy tastes as all I ever take out is comics and tv/film tie-ins. Of course I do have some trashy tastes but I’m also a snob ‘cos I buy the good quality books but borrow the trash for free.


‘cos I’m a muppet who doesn’t have a development version of this blog, things will shortly get ugly as I’m going to be redoing al the templates, css and javascript on the fly.


  1. Browser Support
    • As this is a personal blog support for IE6 is dropped from here on.
    • Supported browsers as of today will be what I have installed on this machine – IE8, Opera 9.6, Firefox 3, Safari 3.2, Chrome 2.
    • Support for IE7 will be added as and when I find it convenient to do so
  2. BTW, I’m not totally a muppet – I did back up the old files before I started
  3. Two hours later and the basics of the styling are back in place
  4. Nearly there, threaded comments look okay, moving onto the comments form.
  5. Comments form done, dinosaur pages skin done, cross-browser testing next…
  6. Looking good. Not a bad day’s work, comments and print stylesheet much better than before. CSS and JS reduced in size.

  • Can we get t-shirts made? "I survived the great Facebook username grab"? #fb #
  • The joy of doing desert island discs is playing all my top songs again and again to be sure of the final 8, tune in tomorrow at noon #fb #
  • Oh very funny. They release WordPress 2.8 just as I'm the middle of fiddling with my 2.7 install. #fb #
  • I suppose it's time for bed. Too grumpy to sleep properly. Why yes, I do believe that I am having an attack of the emo. #fb #
  • I'm in a sort of tear it all down and start again sort of mood, so if any of my web sites go offline you'll know why. #fb #
  • Annoyed. #
  • Nick Griffin looks like Terry Wogan in a lot of recent photos. Poor Terry. #
  • The Safari 4 download page is broken in Opera. Is this a good or bad way to get people to switch browsers? #
  • Just received an email urging me to spell check my web site. But the email was formatted in Comic Sans… #fb #
  • Mmmmmm, Slaughterhouse Wild Boar is Very Good Beer #fb #
  • I'm Back from Stratford-upon-Avon and slightly shocked that it's been 16 years since he was last there. #fb #
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