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Magister Militum TherizinosaurusIt’s been ages since I did a round up of what’s new in the world of miniature dinosaurs and friends, so let’s see what’s happened?

Magister Militum continue to add new creatures to their 10mm range, including the Therizinosaurus shown here.

MegaMiniatures have expanded their range of 25mm prehistoric mammals with Megalonyx, Smilodon and Andrewsarc​hus. I like the Andrewsarchus, not quite so keen on the other two.

Two Hour Wargames have posted some battle reports that give a flavour of their forthcoming set of rules Adventures in the Lost Lands.

Top sculptor Sean Cooper or Paleocraft has recently completed a commission in a smaller scale than usual. This 1/48 scale wooly rhino has been handed over to the very lucky Jodee who is investing getting it cast and possibly putting it on sale.

If you know of any other news about miniature dinosaurs then leave a comment below. And did you know that you can subscribe to an RSS feed of just my dinosaur related posts?


Your result for The Steampunk Style Test…

The Citizen

25% Elegant, 17% Technological, 67% Historical, 56% Adventurous and 29% Playful!

You are the Citizen, the embodiment of steampunk’s everyday side.  You realize that there is far more to a rich, living environment than adventurers and lunatic engineers.  For every gentleman-scientist or airship fleet admiral there are a dozen or more “ordinary people” who prevent the genre from devolving into a mass of cardboard caricatures, and you take pride in exploring the great diversity of a steampunk world’s population.  Your clothing could easily come from any social group or society, and you are equally liable to dress upper, middle, or working class.  However, the unifying feature to your fashion sense is that it does not get carried away with “looking steampunk,” instead creating a person who could have just stepped out of the crowd in a novel.  Some people may claim that your style is too close to historical accuracy to be steampunk, but fortunately you know better.

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  • It finally happened. Just got the EU-mandated browser choice screen pushed to me by Windows Update. #fb #
  • All this no alnum stuff go around in JavaScript is very clever and very stupid at the same time. #
  • 11 bags to charity shop. 3 bags to tip. 3 bags recylcing, 2 rubbish, to put out tonight. 1 stereo gone on freecycle. Not finished yet… #fb #
  • Apparently I don't blink properly. The things you learn when you visit an optician. #fb #
  • Of course, every few years I need to try one to remind myself why I don't actually like wheat beers all that much #fb #
  • And now Meantime Wheat in our Sainsbury's Local. Is someone smuggling good beer into West Norwood supermarkets? If so, I thank them. #fb #
  • Off work. But… It's raining. I've been to Oxford Street. The world is full of idiots.
    I feel like having a very sweary, shouty moment! #fb #

  • I favourited a YouTube video — New Doctor Who Trailer featuring the Doctor and Amy! – BBC One #
  • Nice surprise to find St Peter's Ruby Red Ale in West Norwood Tesco Express. #fb #
  • Not impressed by the wankers who hacked one of our sites today. :-( #
  • Civilization on Facebook – no one will ever get any work done ever again… #fb #
  • Oh and butter beans as well. #fb #
  • Aubergine, carrot, spinach, pepper, garlic, tomato – not quite a traditional vege chilli but it worked really well. :-) #fb #
  • Feeling very tired – up all night trying to decide whether a particular house was the right one to buy #fb #
  • I favourited a YouTube video — "Fear the Boom and Bust" a Hayek vs. Keynes Rap Anthem #
  • Just found that Firefox <3.6 has the same bug wrt floating <legend> elements that IE<8 has. Changing them to <h3> to spare myself the pain. #
  • Turned off Google Buzz: there's no one using it that isn't on Facebook or Twitter, and as an aggregator the UI just doesn't work for me #fb #
  • I favourited a YouTube video — Catchy song, funny film with pretty nurses. Doctor Can – Ben Dalby [HD] #
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Lettice is winding yarn. A lot of yarn. With a device that looks something like this.

I had a Clarkson moment and suggested that it might be less effort if we connected an engine (something small like a V8) to it instead of relying on muscle power alone. What could possibly go wrong?

Lettice told me blog about it instead.

Today I …

  • Sat through a very long, very boring presentation and only yawned once
  • Calmly dealt with a site getting hacked
  • Laughed at a rubber duck’s antics

One day to go and then a week off.

  • Testing Opera 10.5 Beta: Liking it so far. #fb #
  • F***ing Flash keeps on crashing my computer. Maybe Apple have a point. #fb #
  • Half the office is off entertaining partners and we have a film crew in the boardroom. Makes for an usual atmosphere around the place. #fb #
  • NCIS and Numb3rs were both "meh" tonight. Need some better telly. #
  • Trying hard not to come down with a cold. Big bowl of chilli should help. #fb #
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I’ve started using Google Closure Compiler instead of JSMin to reduce the size of my JavaScript files. It’s an obsessive piece of software, finding savings such as replacing the number 1000 with the one byte more compact form 1E3. But those bytes all add up as it’s reduced an 80Kb file to 44kB compared with 51Kb from JSMin.

Renegade Legion Centurion Blood and Steel, via eBay @ £8.00

Haiti Relief Bundle from @ £12.42

Total: £20.42

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