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  • The JavaScript used by ad networks is really crap isn't it? Crap code from adtech that calls in crap code from doubleclick and so on. #
  • Is it just Monday or am I actually feeling ill? There should be some sort of test or something. #fb #
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'Out of this World' at the British Library

Last Thursday evening I attended the launch of the Out of this World science fiction exhibition at the British Library. I’ve blogged about the exhibition for work.

The launch night was fun in a peculiarly geeky way as I got to play spot the author/critic/BNF. Some people (Kim Newman to give the obvious example) are easy to spot but far too many fall into the general category of middle aged men with greying beards. In fact I could easily have been looking at the crowd at Salute or @media instead.

At the same time that I was listening to China Miéville give a speech to open the show, Lettice was at a different exhibition launch with Cilla Black and Ringo Star. There’s probably something profound in that contrast but I’m really not sure what.

  • Just back from the launch the Out of this World @britishlibrary – brilliant exhibition. #
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  • Is it over soon? #eurovision #
  • Tron outfits? Bad rapping? Why? #
  • Where's Austin Powers? He needs to deal with the Serbian fembots. #
  • Odd, in a good way, but neither odd enough nor good enough. #
  • Keep smiling. Keep smiling. Keep smiling… #
  • John Barrowman has a Romanian cousin? #eurovision #
  • oh dear, Lena is trying to do 'grown up'. #
  • Watching #Eurovision Help me alcohol, you're my only help… #fb #
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I’ve just voted. If you haven’t already done likewise, you have two hours left to do so.

I voted Yes.

I don’t think that AV is a great system – it’s no more proportional than FPTP. But it’s what’s on offer and it is slightly better than FPTP in two respects.

It helps to mitigate a situation where a candidate is elected to whom the majority of the electorate are opposed. e.g. a Labour candidate getting elected because the right wing majority in the constituency is split between UKIP and Conseratives. MPs that are at least tolerable to the majority of their constituents must be a good thing.

And it helps us to more accurately judge the support for medium and small parties. Under FPTP many people don’t vote Green, etc., because they see it as a wasted vote, and hence we have no idea how widespread the real support for these parties is. Better knowledge about what people really support must be a good thing.

I think we’re going to lose, and that we’ll be stuck with FPTP and (with a Lib-Dem collapse likely) a strengthened two party system for another generation. That seems like a bad thing.