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4 FASA Star Trek starship miniatures (Klingon D18, Romulan Winged Defender, USS Chandley, USS Reliant), via eBay @ £31.52

AD&D Charlemagne’s Paladins Campaign campaign guide, via eBay @ £5.80

Lost Prehistorica, D&D sourcebook, via eBay, @ £6.39

Star Wars Imperial Star Destroyer model kit, via ModelZone, @ £9.50

2 Fantasy Forge Kryomek Nexus bunkers, via eBay, @ £8.76

FASA Renegade Legion Legionnaire role playing game, via eBay, @ £13.11

Large bottle of PVA wood glue, via ModelZone, @ £7.99

Wargames Illustrated #308, @ £4.50

Miniature Wargames #360-#363, @ £4.25 each

Salute – Ticket, @ £11

Heresy – Sharclon squad and robot with security upgrade, @ £22

Crooked dice – Future Freedom Fighters, @ £25

Otherworld – giant weasels, @ £11

4ground – High Medieval Cottage, @ £18

Total: £191.57

2 DZ Miniatures dinosaurs (Tarbosaurus and Megalosaurus), via eBay @ £37.98

Doctor Who Adventures in Time and Space RPG (Core Set and Aliens and Monsters), via eBay @ £16.55

2 4D Master Dragon plastic models (Wizard Dragon and Mystery Dragon), via The Works, @ £9.98

Battlestar Galactica model kit, via ModelZone @ £19.99

Pot of Games Workshop Liquid Greenstuff @ £2.00

Pot of Army Painter Quickshade dip, via Heroes & Legends @ £20.00

WFRP Death’s Dark Shadow, via Black Lion Games in Edinburgh, @ £17.00

Wargames Soldiers & Strategy #64, @ £4.20

Wargames Illustrated #305, @ £4.50

Miniature Wargames #358, @ £4.25

Total: £136.45

Well, I didn’t spend anything in December, so the

January £35.49
February £41.93
March £20.45
April £165
May £11.80
June £145.81
July £3.00
August £82.16
September £46.47
October £16.99
November £87.56
Total: £656.66

If only I’d spent an extra tenner…

Looks like Kickstarter has seduced me into spending more money than usual. The last year I spent this much was pre-mortgage, pre-recession 2005. The fact that so far I haven’t seen any of the kickstarted miniatures (but the Sedition Wars sets should ship next week) is a slight cause for concern.

Looking forward to 2013, I think the main goal has to be to actually paint some of the little blighters.

Mantic’s Dwarf King’s Hold Dead Rising game, via the new Heroes and Legends Games shop in Croydon, @ £28.00

Wargames Illustrated #302, @ £4.50

Loud Ninja Games Space Raptors on Kickstarter, @ $80.00 (£55.06)

Total: £87.56

It’s been nearly two years since the last round up. I’ve just updated every one of my listing pages with new figures. What’s been happening?

Primaeval Designs Styracosaurus herdNot a huge amount in 28mm. Acheson Creations have put out a few more Primaeval Designs figures but seem to be making very slow progress on the backlog of greens that have been shown on Facebook. The same goes for their 15mm range. Range sculptor Richard Deasey announced a new endeavour called Project Genesis but things have been quite on that front as well.

Khurasan Miniatures HominidsIn 15mm, Khurasan Miniatures have added a few new figures. They’re currently offline due to Superstorm Sandy, here’s hoping they get back up and running soon. Splintered Light have reorganised their web site and released the raptors and sabre tooth tigers mentioned last time.

Magister Militum pterosaurMagister Militum have expanded their 10mm range with many new dinosurs, some walking posed pterosaurs and a pack of cavemen. This is now a very extensive range.

The 3D print-on-demand service Shapeways has a few dinosaur related stores: David Krentz sells products in 1/72 and 1/44 scales, whilst 3D Creatures produces a range of hadrosaurs in 1/40, 1/50 and 1/75 scales. RareBreed have a number of sculpts in a number of scales, but nothing very close to the common gaming scales.

Finally, what’s better than dinosaurs? Dinosaurs in Space! Loud Ninja Games are in the final stages of a Kickstarter campaign to fund a range of 15mm science fiction high-tech dinosaur aliens. What’s more, they will also now be available in 28mm! There’s just under 48 hours left as I type, so get in quick if you want to support this interesting range.
Loud Ninja Games - Space Raptors

Let’s hope it’s not another two years before the next round up.

Wargames Illustrated #300, @ £6.00

4D Master Ardent Dragon plastic model, via The Works, @ £4.99

SELWG 2012 show entrance, @ £6.00

I only bought one thing at SELWG this year and that was a non-wargame on the Bring & Buy.

Total: £16.99

Wargames Illustrated #299, @ £4.50

Miniature Wargames #354, @ £4.25

Wargames Soldiers & Strategy #62, @ 4.20

FASA Stardate Magazine #3.2 and #3.2 via eBay, @ £6.35

FASA Romulan Winged Defender and Klingon D-18 miniatures, via eBay, @ £22.18 – not arrived yet :-(

4D Master Fire Dragon plastic model, via The Works, @ £4.99

Total: £46.47

Time Lord (Doctor Who RPG), via eBay @ £7.49

Renegade Legion Circus Imperium, via eBay @ £18.50

Colonial Gothic RPG, via Orcs Nest, @ £17.99

Red Box Games Fantasy Miniatures on Kickstarter, @ $55.00 (£36.18)

Total: £82.16

Sedition Wars Battle for Alabaster on Kickstarter, @ $220.00 (£145.81)

Total: £145.81

Fantasy and Sci Fi miniatures from Heresy Miniatures, @ £34.90

Tribes of Legends, Greek mythology wargames rules, from Wargames Foundry, @ £15.40

Wargames Illustrated #295, @ £4.50

Miniature Wargames #349, @ £4.25

Salute Ticket, @ 11.00

Teutonic Knights box set from Fireforge Games, @ £17.00

Primaeval Designs Spinosaurus and Pachyrhinosaurus from Magister Militum, @ ~£40.00

A Call to Arms: Star Fleet rules from Mongoose Publishing, @ £22.00

Lady Sylvia Winterly & Stefan ‘Grief’ Travers and Federated Security Guard Patrol from Crooked Dice, @ £16.00

Total: Somewhere round about £165