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I spent this afternoon giving, one of my oldest websites, a makeover from this to this.

I decided to use WordPress and to lightly modify an existing theme rather than create my own. I still have a lot of content to migrate but so far the results are looking good. What do you think?

‘cos I’m a muppet who doesn’t have a development version of this blog, things will shortly get ugly as I’m going to be redoing al the templates, css and javascript on the fly.


  1. Browser Support
    • As this is a personal blog support for IE6 is dropped from here on.
    • Supported browsers as of today will be what I have installed on this machine – IE8, Opera 9.6, Firefox 3, Safari 3.2, Chrome 2.
    • Support for IE7 will be added as and when I find it convenient to do so
  2. BTW, I’m not totally a muppet – I did back up the old files before I started
  3. Two hours later and the basics of the styling are back in place
  4. Nearly there, threaded comments look okay, moving onto the comments form.
  5. Comments form done, dinosaur pages skin done, cross-browser testing next…
  6. Looking good. Not a bad day’s work, comments and print stylesheet much better than before. CSS and JS reduced in size.

I’m playing with the templates. I’ve modified the comments code to use the built-in WordPress comments function which means that threaded comments are now supported. As this limits me to the predefined but bounteous class names I wil need to rewrite the CSS to match.

Expect some disruption for a few days as my attention span is short and I may take a while to finish this.


On the dino pages I’ve updated the lists to include the latest releases from Fenryll, some very old Metal Magic caveman now available via Mega Minis and a general update of the Jeff Valent listings.

As promised only two and half months ago I’ve now upgraded the blog to use the standard WordPress sidebar syntax which makes it much more widget-friendly. I’ve also converted what little JavaScript I was using to use jQuery as part of my ongoing learning process.

I’ve added a few new plugins to the mix: Sociable, Better Blogroll and MyTwitter.

I’ve upgraded to the latest version of WordPress and started updating the theme (it was so old it pre-dated widgets and so kludged together that it has three different ways of producing the same rendering). Things may be a little rough around the edges for a while.

I’ve also defined the first post on the homepage (actually, come to think of it, on any page) as an IE8-ready Web Slice – I’m not sure that this is really a good idea and I have some misgivings about Web Slices in general.