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Last year I said “I think 2010 may be slightly less weighted towards graphic novels”. Whoops.

How many of my 2010 books have you read?

Available as a poll over on Live Journal (you don’t need an LJ account to vote, just an OpenID account which means an account from, Google, Yahoo, Blogger, etc.)

Read the rest of this very true thing…

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  • Mulled wine + mince pies = happy in-laws. Christmas starting well. #fb #
  • I believe it's been 12 years since I last did a DHTML snow effect for Xmas. Ah, the good old days. #fb #
  • I now own a trilby. I would have preferred a fedora but couldn't find anywhere in Croydon selling them. #fb #
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As asked for it, here is my theory on clothes.

Clothes fall into two categories. Those that generate fluff and those that attract fluff. The only way to maintain sanity is to maintain two separate wardrobes, two separate laundry baskets, two separate washing machines and even two separate irons and ironing boards. Every day has to be either a fluffy day or a non-fluffy day. Only with this level of discipline can the fluff generating clothes be kept away from the fluff attracting clothes.

Something to think about when contemplating your Christmas jumper.

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He-Who-Kills from Khurasan Miniatures

It’s been a while since my last dinosaur miniatures roundup, so what’s new and exciting?

15mm is where it’s at. Khurasan Miniatures have continued to expand their Mystri Island range including the very nice T. rex “He-Who-Kills” pictured on the right. Also in 15mm, there are a few new additions to the M.Y.Miniatures Ice Age range. Splintered Light have blogged the greens for some raptors and sabre tooth tigers. Finally, Acheson Creations / Primaeval Designs will also be moving into this scale and have posted some photos of greens to their Facebook and Yahoo! Groups pages.

Speaking of Primaeval they now have a UK distributor in the form of Magister Militum. The prices are high as you would expect for imports but at least you don’t get stung by customs and post office charges on top of that. I picked up a few figures (Plateosaurus, Protoceratops, Feathered Utahraptor, Mastodon and both Megaloceros) from their stands at SELWG and Warfare. Now I just need to review them for Ragnarok and get my painting desk set up (ha ha, fat chance, my computer is still on the floor five months after we moved).

And in related news, the new season of Primeval airs on ITV on New Year’s Day. :-)

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Seen today – a police officer outside New Scotland Yard with a Rebel Alliance insignia pin on his stab vest. In light of the demonstrations (lots of police vans and horses around today but no sign of any confrontations) some people may find that slightly peculiar.

So, first Christmas in the new house. How’s it shaping up?

Cards written, half of them in the post, need to buy more stamps tomorrow.

Tree bought, carried back from Purley and assembled. Decorations up. (It feels wrong to be putting up decorations before Christmas Eve – I know nearly everyone else puts them up early these days but it still feels wrong to me.)

First variation of the edible sprouts recipe tested, a moderate success.

Two work Christmas parties to go to, need Film Noir/1940s Jazz fancy dress for one of them :-(

What have I forgotten? Presents. Bought so far: None.

Tomorrow. Central London. How bad can it be on a Monday morning? Don’t answer that.


  • Takeaway. Misfits. Bed. My plan for an evening made of win. #
  • Groan. It's morning again isn't it? And it's still cold. :-( #fb #
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I have been a bad blogger. My mojo has deserted me. Posts have become rarer than Wales rugby wins.

There are dinosaurs to talk about. Adventures with HTML5 and microformats/microdata to discuss. A Doctor Who Christmas special to look forward to.

I will do better.

  • Getting a touch of cabin fever. May have to brave the outside. #fb #
  • Now I'm remote desktop from home to work PC then the same from there to server. :-/ #
  • I hate computers. I'm moving to Peru to become a llama herder. #fb #
  • Gah, Cisco VPN client doesn't support 64bit Windows and so far I've failed to get it working under linux as well. Not a happy bunny. #fb #
  • Two and a half hours to get home. If I can get VPN working again I think tomorrow may be a day for working from home. #fb #
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