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It’s been nearly two years since the last round up. I’ve just updated every one of my listing pages with new figures. What’s been happening?

Primaeval Designs Styracosaurus herdNot a huge amount in 28mm. Acheson Creations have put out a few more Primaeval Designs figures but seem to be making very slow progress on the backlog of greens that have been shown on Facebook. The same goes for their 15mm range. Range sculptor Richard Deasey announced a new endeavour called Project Genesis but things have been quite on that front as well.

Khurasan Miniatures HominidsIn 15mm, Khurasan Miniatures have added a few new figures. They’re currently offline due to Superstorm Sandy, here’s hoping they get back up and running soon. Splintered Light have reorganised their web site and released the raptors and sabre tooth tigers mentioned last time.

Magister Militum pterosaurMagister Militum have expanded their 10mm range with many new dinosurs, some walking posed pterosaurs and a pack of cavemen. This is now a very extensive range.

The 3D print-on-demand service Shapeways has a few dinosaur related stores: David Krentz sells products in 1/72 and 1/44 scales, whilst 3D Creatures produces a range of hadrosaurs in 1/40, 1/50 and 1/75 scales. RareBreed have a number of sculpts in a number of scales, but nothing very close to the common gaming scales.

Finally, what’s better than dinosaurs? Dinosaurs in Space! Loud Ninja Games are in the final stages of a Kickstarter campaign to fund a range of 15mm science fiction high-tech dinosaur aliens. What’s more, they will also now be available in 28mm! There’s just under 48 hours left as I type, so get in quick if you want to support this interesting range.
Loud Ninja Games - Space Raptors

Let’s hope it’s not another two years before the next round up.

I spent a day helping my parents start clearing out their loft. In a box marked games I found this little haul.

That’s more or less every weekend and school holiday from the mid to late 1980s right there.

Geek nostalgia heaven.

He-Who-Kills from Khurasan Miniatures

It’s been a while since my last dinosaur miniatures roundup, so what’s new and exciting?

15mm is where it’s at. Khurasan Miniatures have continued to expand their Mystri Island range including the very nice T. rex “He-Who-Kills” pictured on the right. Also in 15mm, there are a few new additions to the M.Y.Miniatures Ice Age range. Splintered Light have blogged the greens for some raptors and sabre tooth tigers. Finally, Acheson Creations / Primaeval Designs will also be moving into this scale and have posted some photos of greens to their Facebook and Yahoo! Groups pages.

Speaking of Primaeval they now have a UK distributor in the form of Magister Militum. The prices are high as you would expect for imports but at least you don’t get stung by customs and post office charges on top of that. I picked up a few figures (Plateosaurus, Protoceratops, Feathered Utahraptor, Mastodon and both Megaloceros) from their stands at SELWG and Warfare. Now I just need to review them for Ragnarok and get my painting desk set up (ha ha, fat chance, my computer is still on the floor five months after we moved).

And in related news, the new season of Primeval airs on ITV on New Year’s Day. 🙂

Some new dinosaur miniatures to tempt your wallet:

Khurasan Miniatures have previewed some feathered raptors that are intended to be 15mm Deinonychus but also work as 28mm Velociraptors.

Acheson Creations continue to release figures in their 28mm Primaeval Designs range, including some dire wolves, 4 packs of Neanderthals and the Nanotyrannus shown here.

I went, I queued, I shopped, I chatted to a few people, I took some rather poor photographs:

Once the house move is out of the way, I need to spend a good amount of time practising photography, especially flash photography.

I’ve updated my 15mm Dinosaurs and other prehistoric miniatures page with Khurasan Miniatures, who currently sell a couple of woolly rhinos, but have recently shown the green for this Triceratops. Which looks like a very nice thing.

Say hello to Primaeval Designs from Acheson Creations. A new range of 28mm prehistoric animals (plus a very big ape).

If the style of the figures looks a little familiar, then that’s because they are by Richard Deasey of DZ and Dazed fame.

European distributor coming next year, so right now we in the UK will need to play the post office roulette with respect to customs fees if we make a large order.

Primaeval Designs have worked closely with Two Hour Wargames to produce their new “Adventures in the Lost Lands” rules, released last week.

As well as the eight items listed so far on the web site there over 30 items in production, awaiting photos, and more than one hundred masters completed!

Read the rest of this very true thing…

Magister Militum TherizinosaurusIt’s been ages since I did a round up of what’s new in the world of miniature dinosaurs and friends, so let’s see what’s happened?

Magister Militum continue to add new creatures to their 10mm range, including the Therizinosaurus shown here.

MegaMiniatures have expanded their range of 25mm prehistoric mammals with Megalonyx, Smilodon and Andrewsarc​hus. I like the Andrewsarchus, not quite so keen on the other two.

Two Hour Wargames have posted some battle reports that give a flavour of their forthcoming set of rules Adventures in the Lost Lands.

Top sculptor Sean Cooper or Paleocraft has recently completed a commission in a smaller scale than usual. This 1/48 scale wooly rhino has been handed over to the very lucky Jodee who is investing getting it cast and possibly putting it on sale.

If you know of any other news about miniature dinosaurs then leave a comment below. And did you know that you can subscribe to an RSS feed of just my dinosaur related posts?

Some bad news about Dazed Miniatures – the range is being withdrawn from sale. The silver lining is a 30% off sale to clear the remaining stock.

All that the story on the RLBPS web site says is:

Dazed Miniatures was a partnership and it has been been ended by one partner (the Sculpter) withdrawing the licence to produce any of the figures we made. RLBPS still owns the molds but can not run them.

I wonder what it is with Richard Deasey’s lines? He sculpted the second half of the the HLBS prehistoric line and then took it away to found DZ Miniatures, which vanished soon afterwards. The mammals, but not the dinosaurs, reappearing years later from Strategem/Trent Miniatures whose own tribulations made getting hold of them sometimes frustrating (but they are currently available via North Star). And now this. Is there any chance that some of the best prehistoric miniatures will be available from a stable supplier (one with a working e-commerce facility would be really nice)?

In the mean time I need to work out how much I splurge on miniature mammoths, etc., taking Christmas, moving house and exchange rates into consideration. Couldn’t be a worse time for a closing down sale.

Wargames Foundry Terror Bird

I’ve been updating my Dinosaurs in Miniature pages. The main differences have been the addition of the MegaMiniatures megafauna that I posted about previously, the continuing expansion of the Dazed Miniatures range and some new miniatures from Wargames Foundry, including the Terror Bird shown here.

BTW, Foundry have a 20% off sale until the 10th November 2009. So now’s a very good time to pick up these new goodies.

At SELWG last month I picked up a “new” Smilodon from the “old” DZ range sold by Trent Miniatures. It’s in a walking pose rather than the leaping pose that’s been available for a while. This range is now available over the web from North Star though this additional Smilodon isn’t listed.

There have also been a few additions to the 10mm DinoMight range form Magister Militum.

MY Miniatures ice age range seems to have melted away from the web with the close of Geocities. Does anyone know if they have a new web site elsewhere?

And finally, the Tusk rules are available as PDF via Wessex Games/Wargame Vault. You can still buy the paper version from Irregular but the new version has full colour photos throughout.

I am currently growing a moustache as all big game hunters should.