… the people who are pointing out that Britney’s “Toxic” wasn’t released on 7″ vinyl?

Like, it could never be rereleased in said format at some point in the next five billion years?

Anyway, a rather mixed episode (oh by the way I’m talking about “The End of the World”, episode two of the new Doctor Who series). Ecclestone’s Doctor is fascinating – with what we learn in this episode it’s easy to see his inappropriate flippancy and rudeness (not to mention his becoming what could be seen as a cold blooded vigilante murderer) as symptoms of post-traumatic shock. But I have a feeling that such an analysis will turn out to be overly simplistic.

The aliens were a very mixed bunch. Cassandra, the trees and the Moxx of Balhoun were excellent but the background aliens, and they looked like background aliens, were shown a little too prominently. Was I the only one who had a flashback to Dune when the Face of Boe was wheeled in? Oh, and am I right in thinking that every character with a speaking part got killed off? Good to see that the high body counts of the old series are being continued.

7/10 (9/10 for effects and acting but only 5/10 for plot)

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