Last night the 2006 Old World Cup started. This, in contrast with the recent rubbish in Germany, is a Blood Bowl tournament played over the web with a few friends. My team, Frankenstein’s Fumblers, played the opening game against the Dwarf Giants.

The Fumblers have a nice mix of muscle, speed and cannon fodder. The Giants have muscle, more muscle and some muscle on the side. The Giants won 2-0.

As the cup is being played as a double elimination tournament this means that I’m not out but I do have an uphill struggle if I’m going to win. My next match will be against the loser of Numinal Comets (elves) vs Veni Vedi Viking (um, Vikings).

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  1. JackP says:

    Ah. Blood bowl. I remember that. Are you playing on the cardboard board, or have you succumbed to the polystrene new Games-Workshoppiness of the whole thing?

    However, it never really appealed to our RPGers, unlike the whole nights we’d sometimes lose playing Talisman. Now that’s a quality game.

  2. Steve Pugh says:

    No board at all. All played on the computer via SkiJunkie’s fabulous client/server software, which coupled with the rules now being a free PDF download from GW makes it totally free to play these days. (links to both in the post)

    Talisman was great, until someone decided to buy and use all the expansion sets.

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