Me: I was expecting a delivery today by 5:45 and it’s now gone six o’clock.
Customer Services: [takes post code and tracking number] Can you hold for a moment.
[… really bad holding music mixed in with plugs for the company …]
Customer Services: I’m sorry but I can’t get through to the delivery department at the moment.
Me: Right. [pause] So what can you do for me?
Customer Services: …
Me: Have you been having problems with deliveries in this area today?
Customer Services: I won’t know that until I can speak with the delivery department.
Me: Can you call me back?
Customer Services: [sounding relieved] Yes please. [takes number, hangs up]

WTF? I really hope the delivery depot has blown up, ‘cos otherwise there’s no excuse for missing a 9:00am to 5:45 pm window and then not answering the phone when customer services call on behalf of an irate customer.

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  1. Jim Hugunin says:

    I heard this advertisement and I would like my new computer

  2. Jim Hugunin says:

    will I be able to get my computer through this site?

  3. Steve Pugh says:

    Um, Jim, did you read the post you commented on? Or did you look at the rest of this blog? Whatever promotion you’re trying to take part it, it’s nothing to do with this site.

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