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  1. Stegosaurus

    Maybe because we start our names with the same three letters but I’ve always liked Steggy. One of the classic dinos that all the kids know, and one of the most fantastically strange looking creatures to ever walk on land.

  2. Allosaurus

    A big mean predator, not as unbalanced to look at as T.rex but still big enough and toothy enough to give you nightmares.

  3. Brachiosaurus

    Of Lofty as we call him round our way. Not only is it one of the biggest dinos but it’s also unusual in having longer legs at the front than at the back (hence the name).

  4. Anklyosaurus

    Walking tank. My default user icon.

  5. Deinonychus

    Velociraptor : Deinonychus = Hobbit : Human

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