I worry that I may look like this a lot of the time...

I know own three SLRs. As well as a Canon AE1 that I bought with a student loan to replace an older model that failed to survive a fall, I have a Canon EOS 100 and, as of yesterday, a Canon EOS 10D. The last two are inherited from my father who has an even more impressive collection of hardware (I suspect that being a Canon fan is an inherited trait).

The 10D is a digital camera, my first. Yes, I’ve finally joined the twenty-first century (well sort of – my MP3 player is broken, I don’t see the point of Twitter, and I still hate mobile phones and hardly ever use mine). Though, from the look of the self-portrait over there, I belong in distinctly more paleolithic times.

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  1. Mike says:

    10D Nice. Essentially the same as my D60 but with faster film speeds. Use it well.

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