Last week I asked “Was that the most expensive piece of fanwank ever?” and correctly pointed out “Yes, but it’ll only hold that record for seven days” beacause on the fanwank scale adding Micky, Jackie, K-9, a second Doctor, two flashback montages and the TARDIS towing(!) planet Earth) adds quite a few points and on the cost scale an extra twenty minutes of explosions and CGI adds quite a few pounds.

RTD is a very evil man. In many ways parts of this could be seen as sticking two fingers up at Rose shippers, at the McGann TV movie and at Lawrence Miles. Work it out for yourself which bit is which. But as all three more or less deserve two fingers, that’s okay.

In a lot of ways this was a distillation of the RTD years, which means that it was a second hand distillation of the New Adventures novels. Really BIG space opera scope, ambiguous Doctor, high emotion and companions getting shafted all over the place.

It was just too busy to get a grip on – there were several very good ideas that needed an episode each to properly explore. I honestly don’t know whether I liked it or not.

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  1. JackP says:

    Got to say I didn’t; felt too many things in it were a cop-out (all those people miraculously not dying); and yet another ‘magic souped up companion’ ending. If companions are regularly invulnerable it makes the whole thing a bit less believable — besides which, the ‘noble sacrifice’ (Adric vs the Cybermen) can mean that when a companion leaves the series they do so with some real meaning

    If that’s the best RTD can manage, then Moffat needs to take over sooner rather than later.

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