A few of you may remember this sterling piece of work from last year. Well today I found a very similar case on another site.

<a href="#mainsection" class="skip">skip to content</a>
<a href="#topnav" class="skip">skip to main navigation</a>
<a href="#topnav" class="skip">skip to main navigation</a>

  1. “skip to main navigation” is repeated twice…
  2. but does nothing as “topnav” is not present anywhere on the page
  3. The skip links aren’t wrapped in any form of structure (thus also requiring the class=”skip” on each link)

The site claims to be XHTML 1.0 Transitional but has 76 validation errors, including a character encoding mismatch between the HTTP header and the meta tag. It calls in 8 external CSS files and 23 external JavaScript files and contains large chunks of commented out HTML (so it will be slow as well as inaccessible).

Compared with this, some of my stuff is not so bad after all.

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