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Ragnarok 51Ragnarok is the journal of the Society of Fantasy and Science Fiction Wargamers. The latest issue, the first with John Wilson as editor, of Rag has been published and is in the post to members.

  • Saint Snatch – Relic steaing in Dresda
  • In the Dog HouseStrontium Dog in Inquisitor
  • Crimson Twenty OneCrimson Skies in Air War C:21
  • Ottomania II – More Turks in Aeronef
  • The Rules of War – Reviews of Space Vixens from Mars and Battlestations

New from Reaper, a mean look Phorusrhacid.

Obviously, I want. But do I need another?

Via TMP, Magister Militum have launched a new range of dinosaurs in 10mm (1/160 scale).

Meanwhile back in 28mm, I discovered a while back, but forgot to blog it, that Das Schwarze Auge – The Dark Eye range available via Ral Partha Europe, contains a handful of prehistoric creatures.

So here I am admiring the free Arthur and Mordred figures from Salue on Saturday and I see that there are already three for sale on eBay.

Amazon Miniatures have joined my favourite bandwagon and started a range of Prehistoric Animals.

Three items are out now with at least five more coming soon.

  • ANP01 Raptor (2) 3.25
  • ANP02 Diatryma Giganticus (2) £3.00
  • ANP03 Raptor and dinosaur eggs £2.50
  • ANP04 Yangchanosaurus £7.50
  • ANP05 Feathered Raptor (2) £3.25
  • ANP06 Leaping Smilodon (Sabre tooth lion) £2.25
  • ANP07 Short-faced bear standing £2.25
  • ANP21 Neanderthal Warrior with bone club and spear

The plain raptors look like they would fit in well with the Jeff Valent or Ral Partha/Iron Wind Metals versions, and it’s very good to see someone tackling feathered raptors in this scale at last.

Amazon, being the kind of people who “think outside the box” (sorry, really, really sorry) are also stocking bags of plastic toy dinos for wargamers too embarrassed to step foot inside Early Learning Centres.

Anyway, I know where one of my first stops at this year’s Salute will be.

I think that some people (thinking about for example) may be interested in these new Roman Seas models. Lovely work. Alas, even at 1/300 scale I don’t have room to recreate Misenum in miniature.

I’ve just updated my 25/28mm Dinosaurs and other prehistoric miniatures (not snappy enough?) page with some lovely looking cavemen and ice age beasties from Fenryll.

Via the Cavewars group.

The oldest Tyrannosauroid is in the news and it’s an odd one – feathered and crested and only 3m long.

Meanwhile a thread on TMP has led to QRF posting photos of some of their 15mm Try-to-survive-asaurus dinos and mammal like reptiles and Stormwalker (another Steve) showing us great work with the QRF Coelophysis and HLBS Co Compsagnathus.

What other prehistorics are available in 15mm? Irregular have some cavemen at least (what else comes in the 15mm Tusk scenario packs?) and some of the old Ral Partha figs seem closer to 15mm than anything else. Any others?

As tagged by Littlebun here are ten things that make me happy.

  1. Lettice
  2. Being right about stuff
  3. Wales winning the Six Nations
  4. Learning new stuff
  5. Miniatures, especially dinosaurs and spaceships
  6. The Dalek Song
  7. Cats
  8. Drinking beer and talking rubbish with my friends
  9. Good books
  10. The sort of television that makes me jump and down with joy because it’s so funny and exciting and clever – for example Doctor Who, Firefly, Farscape

New stuff from Dragonblood Miniatures. Very, very nice. I hope this (and the mount from their earlier Hunter sculpt) do become available au naturel.

Old stuff from Archive Miniatures available until the end of the month from Discount Hobby.

TMP has set up a discussion board for Prehistoric gaming. One interesting titbit I picked up there is that the rights to DZ Miniatures mammals have been acquired by Stratagem who are/will be making them in resin. Which would be great if Stratagem weren’t one of the most disorganised and uncommunicative outfits around.

Did anyone else see the recent BBC programmes on dinosaurs? The Truth About Kill Dinosaurs from last month was so-so. I have serious doubts about the validity of some of their “scientific” tests. The materials used to create the artificial dinosaurs looked like they had very different properties to actual bone and muscle. The second programme was more interesting as it covered Velociraptors and Ankylosaurs rather than the tired out T. Rex vs Triceratops duel of the first programme. Much more entertaining was the very silly T-Rex: A Dinosaur in Hollywood show on Wednesday.