A followup to my last post about unobtrusive fieldsets and legends. Safari and Konquerer are applying the relative positioning just as Opera does. But they had already removed all indent on the legend as Gecko does. This is a problem as both Opera and Safari are under constant developement and have good CSS support. So how do we distinguish between them?

There are some CSS hacks that cause code to be treated differently by these browsers but instead of relying on poor CSS parsing in older browsers (as in most IE5 hacks) they rely on parts of the CSS spec that aren’t supported yet (e.g. the :lang hack). But Opera 9.1 or Safari 2.1 might well support them, rendering the hack useless.

And it’s not a case of one browser being wrong, legend elements are somewhat peculiar and the default implementation of their presentation can legitimately vary between browsers.

So unless anyone knows a good way to feed different styles to Opera and Safari (that doesn’t rely on browser sniffing, either via JavaScript or server side languages) all I can suggest is that you either use the negative left margin method and accept that Opera will indent the legends, or use the relative positioning method and accept that Safari will outdent the legends. The former method is probably less risky but irks me as an Opera user.


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