Today was the SELWG show, back for the first time since 2006. So once again I had a nice stroll up the hill and then a few hours shopping and gawping at the games.

The renovated Crystal Palace Sports Centre meant that there was considerably more room for the Bring and Buy sale and for the first time ever I actually found something I wanted to buy. The B&B wasn’t helped by people standing in front of it chatting to their mates who were serving. Come on guys, I know that shows are a chance to catch up with old friends but not whilst they’re trying to run the most chaotic and crowded part of the whole show.

But the highlight was a buying these chaps and if you don’t get why they’re so exciting to me, take a look at the original paint scheme, and if that still means nothing to you then I can only say that this was a nostalgic trip back to my childhood.

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