Magister Militum TherizinosaurusIt’s been ages since I did a round up of what’s new in the world of miniature dinosaurs and friends, so let’s see what’s happened?

Magister Militum continue to add new creatures to their 10mm range, including the Therizinosaurus shown here.

MegaMiniatures have expanded their range of 25mm prehistoric mammals with Megalonyx, Smilodon and Andrewsarc​hus. I like the Andrewsarchus, not quite so keen on the other two.

Two Hour Wargames have posted some battle reports that give a flavour of their forthcoming set of rules Adventures in the Lost Lands.

Top sculptor Sean Cooper or Paleocraft has recently completed a commission in a smaller scale than usual. This 1/48 scale wooly rhino has been handed over to the very lucky Jodee who is investing getting it cast and possibly putting it on sale.

If you know of any other news about miniature dinosaurs then leave a comment below. And did you know that you can subscribe to an RSS feed of just my dinosaur related posts?

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  1. This model will be available in resin from this Ebay store soon. If things go well I plan on doing high quality releases of megafauna in a consistent 1/48 scale.

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