Irregular Miniatures

  • DIN1 Brontosaurus £3.50
  • DIN2 Stegosaurus £1.60
  • DIN3 Triceratops £2.20
  • DIN4 Tyrannosaurus Rex £1.60
  • DIN5 Pterodactyl £1.60

Tusk figure packs

  • TUSK I – Caveman, 1,000,000BC or Mammoth Hunt £7.50
  • TUSK I – Sir Harry, Victorian adventurers in The Land that Time Forgot £7.50
  • MTUS 1 – Mammoth 90p
  • MTUS 2 – Og the hero (2) 30p
  • MTUS 3 – Firestarter base 60p
  • TUSK II – Where Pterodactyls Dare, WWI British & Germans fight it out in the Lost World over industrial diamonds £7.50
  • TUSK II – Bonney & Rex, Napoleon’s famed dinosaur unit attempt to take Hougoumont in this strangely undocumented incident in the 100 Days campaign £7.50
  • TUSK II – New World Nightmare, Returning from a looting foray the Conquistadores meet some unexpected local fauna £7.50
  • TUSK II – Capture King Kong, Just as it sounds really! £7.50

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  1. Randy says:

    as Sold in a Boxed set by Pinnacle products (4 boxes of models dinosaurs, Lords, monsters and GI assult).

    T rex, Tric, ankylosaurus, protoceratops, parasasurlophus , stegosaurus
    Dimitrodon edaphosaurus

    The original Grenadir had a nest of eggs. Very rare.

  2. Shannon Hampton says:

    How can I purchase a miniature t-rex from you

    • Steve Pugh says:

      Hi Shannon,

      I’m not a retailer, merely a collector, so I don’t have any miniatures for sale. However, if you follow the links on this page and my other dinosaur pages you’ll be taken to the web sites of the various manufacturers listed here where you’ll be able to purchase a T. rex miniature.

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