I’ve bought nine Rebel Storm boosters in total (hangs head in shame) and in those I’ve got three Rare miniatures and six Very Rare miniatures. I’m not sure what the odds of getting a Very Rare should be but I’m certain that they shouldn’t be double the odds of getting a Rare one. If they are then the prices on eBay are seriously out of whack.

So I’m offering my services to the general public – I’ll pick a random pack off the rack for you in return for a small fee. Go on you know you want me to.

Lord Vader struts his stuff
Darth Vader’s dance workout video is available now in all good stores

Anyway, the Very Rares I’ve received have been a fairly useless bunch:

  • Princess Leia, Captive ×3
  • Darth Vader, Ballet Dancer Sith Lord
  • Jabba the Hutt
  • Wampa

See? No Luke; no Obi-Wan, no speeder bikes; no Emperor; no Dewback; no Boba Fett.

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