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I’ve bought nine Rebel Storm boosters in total (hangs head in shame) and in those I’ve got three Rare miniatures and six Very Rare miniatures. I’m not sure what the odds of getting a Very Rare should be but I’m certain that they shouldn’t be double the odds of getting a Rare one. If they are then the prices on eBay are seriously out of whack.

So I’m offering my services to the general public – I’ll pick a random pack off the rack for you in return for a small fee. Go on you know you want me to.

Lord Vader struts his stuff
Darth Vader’s dance workout video is available now in all good stores

Anyway, the Very Rares I’ve received have been a fairly useless bunch:

  • Princess Leia, Captive ×3
  • Darth Vader, Ballet Dancer Sith Lord
  • Jabba the Hutt
  • Wampa

See? No Luke; no Obi-Wan, no speeder bikes; no Emperor; no Dewback; no Boba Fett.

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So what did I get in my box? Ten miniatures – the Luke Skywalker and Darth Vader miniatures that are in every starter set plus two different stormtroopers, a rebel trooper, a rebel pilot, an Ithorian scout (that’s Hammerhead for us old timers), a Bespin guard, a Gamorean guard and a Tusken Raider.

I had seven out the ten as action figures back when I was a kid. Hmm, so I’m going round in circles. Except that these are smaller. Ever decreasing circles perhaps?

The miniatures are about 30-32mm toe to eye. This makes them as tall as many of the larger “28mm” miniatures available. However, these are much slimmer – realistic proportions rather than the chunkiness we’ve come to expect from metal miniatures. It’s not too much of a problem with the aliens and armoured figures but the ordinary humans won’t mix too well with other ranges.

The miniatures are made from a rubbery plastic and spring back into shape if bent. I’m not sure whether this will make them harder or easier to convert than metal figures. Some of the poses are a little strange – The Rebel Pilot seems to be trying to “walk like an Egyptian” whilst the Rebel Trooper is leaning alarming far forwards.

The paint jobs are okay. I doubt I’ll totally repaint them but I may touch up some of the details. (The photograph above isn’t very flattering to my painting abilities – I may not be great but the flash really hsn’t helped matters. Time to buy some matt varnish perhaps?)

I think I’ll be buying some more, I’ll mostly be hunting for the common troop types – with luck the collectors will be flogging them off cheap having bought a gazillion of them to get their hands on the very rare figures.

The rules? Read them, seem okay for what they are. I doubt I’ll be using them much. Daleks vs Stormtroopers in Stargrunt II anyone?

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