Last week I was introduced to Playfire – a social networking site for computer gamers. It got me wondering why there’s no equivalent for wargamers.

There’s BoardGameGeek but (a) the interface sucks and (b) its remit is so much wider than wargames. TMP and Frothers are fine places to come together and talk about games but that’s all. Where’s the site where I can catalogue the games I play and the miniatures I own and connect with other players?

A lot of the functionality that the knitters have on Ravelry would be great – a flexible but standardised way of listing “projects” – which minis, which paints, which TOE, WIP photos, etc.

Considering how geeky and techie a lot of wargamers are, why has no one created the site? Is it simply because the idea of social networking isn’t really our thing?

Someone will now pop up in the comments and tell me about a site that I should have known about all along.

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  1. I’m not going to do that but there are a couple of open source social networking toolkits that look like they might make setting something up pretty easy. I had a play with elgg ( a few months back which looked pretty good. I didn’t have a project that needed it but maybe it might be worth looking at for the SFSFW site?

  2. Paul Baldwin says:

    Only this week I was thinking of posting to my blog what minis I had painted, unpainted and on my wants list. This list was becoming too big and cumbersome so I put it on the back burner.

    So in a ideal world I reckon you would want to list across scales and periods, should what you have painted, in progess or your plans for the future. Photos would be a must for game reports and WIP shots of minis.

  3. Paul Baldwin says:

    Just found which seems US based and mainly GW releated.

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